Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Autumn Reflection

Thanksgiving Autumn Reflection

Autumn is a time for deep reflection, introspection, thanksgiving, stillness, and harvest.

As the leaves have begun to display their mellow and rich hues of amber, orange, red, and sienna, they seem to suggest to each of us that the innocence of the season of spring and the boldness of the season of summer have acquiesced themselves to mellowness and kindly wisdom of the ages.

As we reflect upon our journey against the backdrop of the earlier part of the year, we do so in the spirit of relief and anticipation, in the spirit of challenge and triumph, in the spirit of solemnity and joy, in the spirit of weariness and rest, in the spirit of inertia and change, in the spirit of incredible gains and necessary losses, in the spirit of astonishment and enlightenment, in the spirit of planting and harvest, in the spirit of struggle and surrender, in the spirit of transformation and transcendence, and with the reflective awareness of our finiteness and infiniteness all being informed by gentle, yet rich wisdom.

God, we render to unto you thanksgiving for the lives by which we have been impacted and we thank you for the lives that have intertwined with our own lives. We render unto you thanksgiving for the lives of those whom we are given responsibility to co-journey in service, healing, friendship, affirmation, empowerment, struggle, empowerment, truth, and transformation!

God, we thank you for the lives of your beloved and resilient children, who forge the spiritual journey with a banner of faith, love, joy, and trust all informed by an intrinsic understanding that we serve each other in a spirit of love with no judgment. We thank you that we serve each other celebrating our unfathomable faith and strengths with the belief that eyes have not seen, neither have ears heard of their uncharted and unlimited possibilities.

God, during this season of harvest, we thank you for an overflowing cornucopia of love and hope, compassion and persistence, empathy and competence, tenacity and vision, gentleness and care, mission and creativity, blessed by the service, wisdom, and presence of your beloved, gifted, and talented people who serve in a plethora of capacities from leaders to visionaries, from teachers to artists, from receptionists to direct care persons, from outreach persons to those persons who are in the helping and healing professions, from environmental services persons to persons in finance, and from administrative support staff to management, (and endless list) etc. We thank you for each of them dear Lord! We thank you for those who are named as well as those who are unnamed. We are blessed by each other’s gifts and offerings in service. We thank you that we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers and delight in and are humble by such a charge. We thank you for the opportunity to serve and to be transformed by having served.

We release, like fallen and ripened leaves into the Autumn winds, weights and burdens, misperceptions and deflated hopes, fears and doubts, worries and anxieties, hurts and wounds, and limitations and insufficiencies…shedding the aforementioned for a bountiful harvest of grace, patience, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, joy, mindfulness, kindness, rejuvenation, and a love that holds us in its grasp forever, while never letting us go.

God, we thank you for relationships, spiritual union, community, table fellowship, the unknown, and the opportunity to gather in a spirit of gratitude, thanksgiving, strength, camaraderie, celebration, humility, grace, and power. We render unto you these petitions, we pray. Yes, this is true, Let it be so, So be it, May it be so, Amen. Peace

Reverend Kevin Mason 

Be Blessed
K. Mason

(c) 2015
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I also love Autumn so much! It has a lot of wonderful colors and plenty awesome holidays:)