Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Wisdom is the astute application of knowledge. It embodies a profound comprehension and awareness of people, human behavior, circumstances, nature, the universe, and the presence of GOD, coalescing into the ability to appropriately and compassionately execute discernment, decisions, and actions all in keeping with this understanding. When King Solomon was the successor of the United Kingdom of Judah and Israel, he neither asked GOD for power, wealth, status, longevity, nor self-adulation. Instead, King Solomon asked GOD to help him govern his kingdom well and wisely. GOD was pleased with Solomon’s request because it was a humble, an earnest, and a selfless request. God honored Solomon’s requests and also granted him two things which most people desire: longevity and riches.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Gracious LORD, we come before thy presence in a posture of gratitude and a heart of thanksgiving to express our deep and sincere reverence for the profound grace that you have bestowed upon us as your people; the sheep of your pasture and partakers of thy gracious bounty. We pray Dear LORD, that you would remind us of how special we are to you and that neither part of our hearts, our minds, nor our bodies are unknown to thee. Grant us the wisdom to trust in you and the movement of thy Holy Spirit and render us with the faith the size of a mustard seed. Teach us to petition thee for wisdom, temperance, patience, and love in place of our immodest desires and the temptations of self-indulgence, personal agenda, self-promotion, or supremacy over others. We ask this prayer in thy precious name. Amen. 

Be Blessed,
K. Mason
(c) 2013
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