Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Focusing on that which is Divinely Important

During the past year, we have commensurately by our own volition as well by way of circumstance been witness bearers to the impossible becoming possible, the unimaginable becoming actualized, the dreaded coming to fruition; the clandestine becoming obvious, those things hoped for evaporating like a vapor, the onslaught of paradoxes forming the fabric of our lives, and the certainties in our lives being taken away like the waves of ocean sweeps across a blanket of wet sand and taking contents of it into the sea of forever and vastness.

We ask ourselves, “What am I to make of this?” “Why bother struggling?” “Will my feeble efforts stand up amidst insurmountable odds?” “Does GOD even care?”

Beloved of GOD, God does care! If we venture to look a little closer in looking at the larger picture, we arrive at the startling reality that GOD is not only the Motivator who invites us to glean into our places refuse (waste), agony, and suffering for deeper and larger meaning, but GOD offers us HIS loving presence to endure such challenges and binds us closer to HIMSELF that we might experience HIS infinite love that never lets us go. In that very place, we find solace, contentment, and certainty

"I have been young, and now am old; 
yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, 
nor his seed begging bread.” 
Psalm 37:25

Be Blessed,
K. Mason(c) 2005
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