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In the midst of our complex, compulsive, convulsive world men and women raise their voices to render utterance and interpretation to a world that is fraught with paradox and tempered by grace in the most astonishing of places. As seekers of truth, passion, meaning, and bliss we announce with incredible boldness and great
anticipation that were are waiting to seek what good thing can emerge from the bowels of our Nazareths, what wisdom can be garnered from loosing ourselves in oblivion, and what connections can be made from finding there in the midst of our greatest darkness our own light. The journey to wholeness invites and teaches us
that unless strength is tempered with the presence of weakness and weakness tempered with the presence of strength and both tempered with the presence of love, that we deny our own wholeness and that of the wholeness in others.

As we continue our journey, the holy pilgrimage, the trip to the bountiful, the quest to the celestial city of GOD, cultivation of the harvest in our fathers’ vineyard and our mothers’ garden are critical places of refuge where we must sometimes take respite to become more intimately acquainted with the healer who specializes in the binding and dressing of wounds with the balm of compassion and mercy, with the heroine to travail in birth as she renders new life from her primordial womb of wisdom, with the psalmist to play his lyre to soothe our weariness, brokenness, isolation, invisibility, insecurity, and ineptness into the banks of sleep against the backdrop of a blue satin night sky, with the artist to paint colors of ecstasy and passion, grandeur and splendor and in doing so paints beauty upon the palette of our psyche releasing frozen hopes, deferred dreams, and abandoned anticipations, with the sage who proclaims the LOGOS that chants psalms that speak of the “Wisdom of the Ages.”

We realize that time is a gift by which we encounter the Presence of the Divine through both the Kiros and the Chronos. This presence into which we are ushered some call GOD, some Jesus, some Allah, some Buddah, some Branman, some Shiva, some the Great Spirit, and others Higher Power. We come before your Divine,
Inescapable, and Eternal Presence God to invoke your blessing upon us and in us and with us as you and your will gets articulated, actuated, and activated in our lives. As we struggle to discern faith’s response to suffering, pain, injustice, brokenness, and hopelessness, remind us that hope accompanies faith and grace abides within.
As we gather to celebrate what it means to be made WHOLE, enable us to garner strength for the journey and wisdom for enlightenment. Enable us to be beckons of hope in brokenness, light in darkness, comfort in distress, quiet when there are tears, patience when there is struggle, and openness when there is fear as garner strength
and gain spiritual insight about GOD, self, and others.

As each of us progresses on our journey to the Celestial City of GOD, may the loving and gracious hand of GOD comfort you.

ISAIAH 55: 11
So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

K. Mason
(c) 2005
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