Friday, July 28, 2017


An Intercessory Prayer

“O’ God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come,”
Healer and Keeper of our souls, we come humbly, soberly, and joyously to Thy Throne of Grace to say, “Thank You Lord!”
We thank you Lord for the gift of today, the PRESENT, a PRESENT, A Gift, Many Gifts of Pre-Sent Moments!
We thank you Lord for the Sacrificial Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, who took away the sin of the world!
We thank you Lord for the Comforter, The Holy Spirit, who maketh intercession for our groans and moans that we cannot and tremble to articulate!

We ask you, Gracious Lord, to heal our wounds, deep wounds, private wounds, nursed wounds, and unconscious wounds with your balm of love and your ointment of healing.
We pray, Heavenly Father, that you will calm our unspoken fears…fears that cause us to believe our lives will be perpetual winters that go from frost to frost, from sleet to sleet, from hail to hail, and from barren wastelands to barren wastelands, quietly wondering shall spring or summer ever visit us again?

We ask you Heavenly Father to remove the veneers that hinder us from being transparent with Thee and with others as well as ourselves!
We ask you, Father, God, to quiet those secret anxieties that take us hostage, that rape us of thy present joys, that imprison and hinder our capacity to earnestly love, that cause us to fight, to take flight, or to freeze in our actions to connect with others because fear has cohabitated with us and rented space in our psyche and despair has caused us to believe the our concerns have no merit in Thine eyes!

We petition Thee, Heavenly Father, to breathe upon us a fresh anointing as our hopes have been pillaged by the storms of life, while the winds of unpredictability and the proliferation of carnal agendas that have the form of Godliness, but lack the power therein, have scattered our remembrances of Thy glorious promises! Breathe on us Lord, because in quietude we have surrendered our inspiration and acquiesced our zeal as our dreams have been decimated by the fiery darts of the adversary and naysayers!

Lord, we pray for the brokenness and apathy in the world, the nation, the county, and our communities.
Gracious Lord, we pray that Your hand of healing would bless, heal, restore, and deliver those whom are sick, hungry, homeless, elderly, outcast, scorned, forgotten, unloved, overlooked, incarcerated, abused, exploited, abducted, bereaved, broken in spirit, those who are contemplating suicide as a way out, those who are in the clutches of all types of addictions (substances, sex, food, money, power, fame, and vain glory), and those who are overwhelmed by financial pressures. Lord, touch and heal men, women, and children in the Name of Jesus!

Lord, we pray for the pulling down of cloaked destructive and carnal strongholds in our Churches, Schools, Communities, and Nation. We pray for more charity in the world and the extinguishing of self-centeredness, apathy, and malignant narcissism. We pray the You, dear Lord, will convict and melt the hearts of those in positions of leadership helping them to remember that “Thy will be done!”

Grant us Lord the peace, knowledge, wisdom, and the blessed assurance that You are the Maker of Heaven and Earth and beside Thee, there is no other!
As we reflect upon and render thanks  for Your greatness, help us dear Lord to remember that
The air that we breathe is Your breath,
The light that shines every morning is Your banner and its rays, Your sword of truth!
The earthquakes that shake the foundation of the earth and the thunder that rolls are Thy voice that calls the world to remember that Thou art God!
That the Pleiades, the earth, the sky, and mighty oceans art thy glory!

"We thank you that you have made us like a signet on your finger and that you have chosen us."

"Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory wiith exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever"

These prayers we petition Thee in the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus Christ we claim and pray! Amen!

Reverend K. Mason

(c) 2017

Be Blessed
Reverend K. Mason

(c) 2017
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