Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Happy New Year

As we embrace the dawning of the New Year 2016 and the twilight of the Present Year 2017,

May we thank the Lord for another chapter in our lives,

May we live each page with renewed hope, purpose, vision, and meaning as we touch the lives of other inspiring them to new heights of discovery and enlightenment,

May we live each day anew with joyful hope and unquenchable inspiration,

May we be gifted by the wonder, majesty, and the bliss of excited expectation for dreams to be fulfilled in the plan of God...through many dangers, toils, and snares our Heavenly Father has watched over us,

May we greet others with a banner of peace, songs of joy, and greetings of glad tidings of The Good News of Mercy, Grace, Love, and Faith,

May our faith be re-ignited and set a flame by The Holy Spirit and Sacred Breath of a loving and merciful God,

May we be enraptured by the safety and embraced by the infinite love of God...a love that will never let us go,

May we be courageous enough to embrace the strength of our weakness,
and humble enough to embrace the weakness of our strength,

May we be encouraged by the assurance that we are on the heart and the mind of God,

May we love so deeply that we risk to set the world aflame with love, joy, compassion, benevolence, peace, and Godly inspiration,

May the Love of God soar us to new heights, greater depths, and infinite possibilities not yet fathomed, Beloved of The Most High,

May we trust God without restraint, reticence, nor reluctance, and for doing so remain buoyant on his everlasting promises,

May the lantern of our hearts burn passionately and brightly
that others will see its light, be inspired, and be drawn to into The Community of God's Love, Grace, and Mercy,

May we be renewed, re-enlightened, and re-affirmed that we are
beautiful and gifted, loved and cherished,
and powerful and resilient because of Christ who resides within each of us,

May we be catapulted to greater heights of imagination, inspiration, potential, and creativity,

May we remain committed to the Journey of Faith and give ourselves to inspire, touch, and lift-up those who are broken, outcast, wounded, rejected, and forgotten with humble awareness, but for the grace of God,

May the New Year overflow in grace, prosperity, goodness,
 joy, love, and peace in our service to God,

May The Lord open and expand new doors in all dimensions of our lives
right now, during this season, and throughout the year to come!

You Are Loved,

Blessings For A Wonderful New Year

Be Blessed
Reverend Kevin Mason
(c) 2016
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