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You are the handiwork work of the LORD! GOD loves us to much that we are created in multifaceted hues, shapes, sizes. Because of GOD’S magnificence and love, you possess profound gifts and talents, all of which are designed to bless one another and glorify the presence and reality of GOD.

You are GOD’S INSTRUMENTS of Light, Hope, Peace, Joy, and Inspiration! It is our “Divine Calling” and “Pilgrimage in Truth” to live into both the manifestation and fulfillment of this precious and gracious gift!

Never ever for one moment, nor second, doubt your magnificence, giftedness, uniqueness, beauty, purpose nor destiny, neither the fact that you are LOVED with a LOVE whose depth, breadth, and height are so profound that its magnitude defies our full comprehension, yet requires our simple acceptance of this profound LOVE. You are LOVED because you are LOVE! Thank you for being YOU! Go in Peace today and everyday! Blessings and peace be upon you always

Be Blessed,
K. Mason

(c) 2014
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