Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Beloved of the Most High: You have not happened upon this meditation neither by accident nor by default. There have been many challenges that you have faced recently and you're feeling overpowered; oftentimes, like you are being overtaken and drowning in the tidal waves of life. You might be wondering whether or not if it is worth it to read any further because it appears that your efforts are in vain and the result is futile.
Beloved, you were carried here by the very waves that you thought would consume you. You were lead here by a gracious and loving FORCE that is greater than you.
You have been seeking an answer(s), a response, and a resolution. Stay a while and rest. Be still as the answer is not in your fight against the waves, but by your ability to embrace them, give in to them, recognize them, seek to understand the message that they are offering you, and become one them for in doing so you are allowing not only yourself, but your perspective, and your circumstances to CHANGE. There is tremendous power in letting go! When one lets go, he/she opens himself/herself to new and greater opportunities in God's plan and grace!
May you be graced by the gift of the blessing of CHANGE on this day; even right now as you read and reflect upon this quiet meditation. May the LORD grant you "divine courage and loving hope" and the quiet and sure confidence that surpasses all understanding, circumstances, knowledge, troubles, doubt, anxiety, and fear(s). May you find comfort, solace, and assurance today and everyday. Amen.
The dynamic blessedness of glorious CHANGE is not defined by the presence of adversity, tension, or disappointment, but CHANGE is an indicator that the gracious and loving presence of GOD'S grace and presence of The Holy Spirit has a greater calling, responsibility, and destiny for you as well as your life! Yes, be encouraged! Your circumstances have not defeated you! You are not a write-off! Do not give up! CHANGE is on the way! CHANGE is your gift!
Trust not in what you see and place not your treasures in earthen vessels, but have faith as "faith is the substance of things hoped and the presence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1. God is still on the throne!
Take heart, comfort, and solace, because "the race is not given to the swift, but to he that endures to the end!
My prayer for you is the grace, the wisdom, and the blessedness of Glorious & Divine CHANGE.
Below are two brief Acronyms for Change. Read Them, Reflect Upon Them, & Rest In Them!

C - Courageous
H - Hope
A - Affects
N - New
G - Grace
E - Everyday
C - Cultivating
H - Human
A - Altruism
N - Necessitates
G - Growth

E - Everyday

Be Blessed,

K. Mason

(c) 2013
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