Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Grace Of Autumn

The Grace Of Autumn

As we reflect on the season of autumn, we are reminded that to everything there is a season. Our lives are a myriad of seasons. Our lives are like seasons that are imbued with warm rays of sun, seasons that are imbued with gentle breezes that cool and refresh, seasons that are imbued with the bursting forth of new blossoms as each day progresses and seasons that are imbued with strong winds that shake our very foundations.

Oftentimes, our lives move from winter, to spring, to summer, then to fall or in any quadrangle-like variations. However, there are other times we experience four seasons within one season. Simply stated, it is possible that one can experience summer, winter, spring, and fall within a month, within a week, and even within a day.

Our lives are dynamic seasons; lives that are so dynamic that at times we are not cognizant of the potency of the change because we are the change that we desire to see.
Oftentimes, it is not until we have experienced the aftermath of a season that we are able to retrospectively discern its impact upon our lives. As we journey through the blessed stillness of Fall, we are reminded to embrace the gift of its stillness, we are reminded to embrace the gift of the metaphor of falling leaves, and we are reminded to embrace the blessed gift of change and its potential in our lives for our greater good and the greater good of our brothers and sisters. Amen.

K. Mason

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