Monday, August 22, 2005

Pre-Harvest Reflection

In the midst of our compulsive and convulsive world men and women raise their voices time
and time again to announce with incredible boldness that were are waiting for a Liberator. We are waiting: for the healer to bind the wounds of the wounded with the balm compassion. We are waiting: for the musician to play his lyre to soothe our weariness into the quiet of the blue satin night. We are waiting: for the heroine to release the captives and render to them new birth from her primordial wound. We are waiting: for the seeker to impart enlightenment to those blinded by the bliss of comfort and complacency. We are waiting: for love’s elevator to escalate us to the sky and to the stratosphere of a spirituality that is never wanting, yet always seeking. We are waiting: for the fire of our hearts to be ignited by TRUTH that feeds our flames but does not extinguish our FIRE. We are waiting: for the chosen to arrive and to proclaim the LOGOS that is love that sings the same song but in different tongues. We are waiting: for the artist to paint colors of ecstasy and passion upon the canvas of our hearts and to release the frozen hopes and abandoned dreams from the slate of our psyche. We are waiting: to dip our finger into or quench our thirst from the ancient rivers not knowing that ancient river is housed in a stream of our salty tears. We are waiting: for the dreamer to dream knew dreams yet have forgotten that it is the dream that is dreaming us. We are waiting: for the that future moment when the NOW HERE moment the PRE-SENT moment which is GOD’s covenant of LOVE that reminds us the PRE-SENT moment is a present (gift) that renders us PRESENCE which provides us with everything that we need!

We then ask,"Where shall we find this individual?" Will she come form a land of riches?
Will he come from streets of addiction? Will she be wise? Will he be courageous? Will she
be a visionary? Will he be a prophet? Will she RED, BLACK, WHITE, or YELLOW? Will he be

In the words of the Prophet Isaiah, the OLD TESTAMENT offers us the answer to this existential ponderation, namely "Here I AM LORD, SEND ME." For the place that he shall be found and the place which she shall render birth lives within each and everyone of us, thus go and embrace and honor "THE DIVINE" within you for in doing so others will be blessed and you as well for having given yourself to the call of love. May "WISDOM" guide you, "FAITH" sustain you, "FRIENDSHIP" companion you, and "LOVE" shelter you!

Copyright 2001 KAM

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